May 28, 2019 at 2:58pm | Scott Innes
Maui County Budget up for Second and Final Reading today  | Maui News

Maui County Council's budget process is finally coming to a close with the final reading scheduled today. Big property tax increases will go into effect for many on and off-island property owners once the Council's $823.6 million dollar budget is passed. If you are a homeowner and rent out a spare bedroom on AirBNB or home sharing platforms in order to make your ends meet you now lose your homeowner rate at $2.90 and will have to pay $10.75 per $1000 of net property value thanks to your Maui County Council members.

Maui County Mayor Mike Victorino proposed a modest increase while the members of Maui County Council found it in their infinite wisdom that the best thing for Maui County is to increase property taxes at a time when people are leaving the county and the state due to high overall taxes, burdensome regulations, and a lack of affordable living.

Keli'i Akina, PH.D. with the Grassroots Institute of Hawaii explains it well in his story "Let's get smart about government spending."

Here in order are the current tax rates, the Mayor’s proposed rates, and the Council’s approved rates:
  • Homeowner: $2.85, $2.85, $2.90.
  • Commercial residential: $4.55, $4.55, $4.60.
  • Residential: $5.52, $5.52, $5.60.
  • Agricultural: $6, $6, $5.94.
  • Apartment: $6.31, $6.31, $6.31.
  • Conservation: $6.35, $6.35, $6.43.
  • Commercial: $7.25, $7.39, $7.39.
  • Industrial: $7.45, $7.48, $7.48.
  • Short-term rental: $9.28, $9.55, $10.75.
  • Hotel/resort: $9.37, $9.60, $11.
  • Timeshare: $15.41, $13.93, $14.40.
Rates are based per $1000 of net taxable assessed value.



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