Molokai Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Molokai ResortHere you'll find Molokai real estateand homes for sale. Search Molokai homes and condos for sale. Known as the “The Friendly Isle,” Molokai is a place where you can truly discover the Hawaii of the past. With just about 8000 residents the sense of a tight knit community on Molokai is abundant. Molokai real estate offers a chance to really escape the modern world. There are no traffic lights, no luxury resorts, and just and handful of restaurants.

Molokai Sea Cliffs with Kalaupapa in DistanceWhat Molokai lacks in modern conveniences it makes up in history, character, and charm. Molokai is probably best known for its association with Father Damien and the leprosy colony at Kalaupapa. Father Damien, now Saint Damien, worked selflessly for years caring for those in the colony suffering from Hansen’s Disease. This remains one of the most popular attractions on Molokai where visitors can travel the three-mile path by mule or on foot to reach the colony.Among many others, Molokai is home to Papohaku Beach, Hawaii’s longest white sand beach. You’ll rarely see another person on this three-mile stretch of beach. Camping is allowed with a permit from the parks department. While beautiful, this beach is known to be dangerous due to rip currents and swimming is not advised unless the ocean is exceptionally calm. This is the only place in Hawaii where you can purchase a beachfront home for a relative bargain. Real estate on Molokai is affordable.

View of MolokaiIf you’re looking for something a little more active there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy. Ocean activities such as sport fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and of course surfing are all popular on Molokai. During whale season, be sure to take a whale watch cruise to get up-close and personal with some of the largest mammals on earth. If you’re ready to give your sea legs a break, there is plenty to do on land as well with mule rides and visits to the various farms.Traveling to Molokai can be a challenge with no direct flights outside of Hawaii, however there are a few options. You can catch a flight from either Maui or Honolulu and there is also the ferry out of Lahaina, Maui. Once you’re on the island there are options for renting a vehicle or even taxi services.

Dining options on Molokai are definitely casual. Grab a burger or a plate lunch fromBig Daddy’s. Molokai Pizza Café has your pizza craving covered and don’t forget to try the famous Hot Bread from Kanemitsu’s Bakery.

Despite the slow pace of life, a range of options is available for those looking for the type lifestyle Molokai provides. From large ocean front estates to farms with plenty of acreage and even five condo complexes, Molokai has a little bit of everything.