When you begin your hunt for a home on Maui, it’s a good idea to have a Buyers Broker on your side. Someone you can work with and trust as a buyer representative to guide you through the process. Many second home buyers are not familiar with the neighborhoods and Maui real estate. You will benefit by hiring a local Maui agent who knows the island and the market here. A buyer representative will add value to the transaction as a counselor, communicator, analyst and advocate, providing the knowledge and skill to interpret information and coordinate the process. A buyer's representative, also known as a buyer’s agent or buyer’s broker can save you time and money by helping you focus on properties that fit your criteria. When the right home is found, the buyer representative will know how to package and present your offer so you get the house you want on the best possible terms. Don't be fooled by a common myth that some buyers believe they will get a better deal if they work directly with the listing agent. Always keep in mind the listing agent represents the seller and has a fiduciary responsibility to the seller to sell the property at the best terms and highest price possible. In most circumstances the buyer’s agent does not cost the buyer, as the seller’s agent shares in their compensation. So after considering this, why not hire your own buyer’s representative and have some one on YOUR side?

How do I determine if my Maui agent will make a good buyer’s agent?

Agency disclosure: an agent should disclose “how” they can represent you and give you a choice. A good agent should listen to your needs and respect them. A good agent will ask questions, get to know you , your lifestyle and help evaluate those needs to locate the best property for you. A good agent will familiarize you with the Maui market, Maui neighborhoods, prices, locations, and conditions so you will feel confident that you are doing the right thing when it comes time to purchase.

What will a Maui buyers agent do for me?

A buyer’s agent can show you homes that are currently on the market, homes for sale by owner, new construction homes offered by builders and homes that may not be on the market yet. A buyer’s agent will provide market data to help you establish an offering price. A buyer’s agent can help you structure your offer, not by price alone, but by other factors, terms and conditions A buyer’s agent will negotiate on your behalf. A buyer’s representative will structure strategy to create a winning scenario. (It may not by about price, it could be getting the house when you are competing with other bidders!) Much happens between writing an offer and closing, a buyer’s agent will attend to the details in a timely manner. Making sure the transaction GETS to closing.

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